Author: Chef Caryn Jeanne

If there is one place this American born girl is meant to be, most would say in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Former fashion stylist turned foodie, Chef Caryn Jeanne does not only entertain the thought of nouveau cuisine, she puts it into fruition from start to finish. Being extremely detailed oriented, each dish she creates is truly an art form. Chef Caryn Jeanne only chooses high quality fresh ingredients and her pallete ranges from anything vegetarian to Asian Fusion and Middle Eastern Cuisine. “It is in my parents home in New Jersey that the room with the most energy is the kitchen. This is where I was truly inspired by food and entertaining others.” Food preparation, table presentation and the art of plating are just some key elements to Chef Caryn Jeanne’s success. From her kitchen to yours, this fashionable foodie comes highly qualified and recommended for your wining and dining culinary adventure! Bon Appetit!!

Cold Soup Under the Andalusian Sun

Warm weather is upon us for sure. We still may not be able to do all the fun things we used to do outdoors, but there is certainly nothing wrong with making your outdoor living space your ultimate utopia. My perfect background setting includes some Coltrane seeping through the speakers, an array of bistro lights strung up above while watching the sun set and the warmth of a fire pit…

Necessity is the Mother of Face Mask Invention

Let food be thy medicine and also your face mask? That’s right folks, it’s true. What you consume from your fridge may also be your ultimate savior from the Covid-19 blemish, or for you at home mommas, the deep rooted wrinkle. At home care, or self-care, is not a selfish notion anymore, but a pain staking, life saving necessity. The newfound way of life, one would say. I have just the perfect concoction for you to try at home and it begins with the contents in your fridge; no cooking required, and a whole lot of wine sipping. C’mon I said self care….

Chicken Soup For Your Soul

Hello and welcome to my long overdue, highly anticipated Blog …(insert sarcasm here); which I should have done many moons ago, but due to the circumstances felt around the world, there is no time more than the present to be just that: PRESENT. How our daily routines were just four weeks ago have drastically changed and for most, especially myself

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