Necessity is the Mother of Face Mask Invention

Let food be thy medicine and also your face mask? That’s right folks, it’s true. What you consume from your fridge may also be your ultimate savior from the Covid-19 blemish, or for you at home mommas, the deep rooted wrinkle. At home care, or self-care, is not a selfish notion anymore, but a pain staking, life saving necessity. The newfound way of life, one would say. I have just the perfect concoction for you to try at home and it begins with the contents in your fridge; no cooking required, and a whole lot of wine sipping. C’mon I said self care.

We have all been organizing our cabinets more than ever these past couple of weeks right? It’s cathartic, satisfying, passing the time away, etc. But for me, and most of you, I am a little more wallet conscious these days. Out of work and nowhere to wear my cute outfits. I know it is just a temporary thing and also a true sacrifice for the medical workers and food suppliers out there healing the world and keeping our shelves full of food and of course, toilet paper! Shout out to Wegmans! But did you actually dig deep into your fridge and reap the benefits from its contents? Non-food related and a whole lot of do it yourself beauty treatments that actually work? Sephora step aside, there’s a new sheriff in town! If you have greek yogurt and a bottle of Chardonnay, take a seat. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

I have learned a lot from my niece regarding beauty products. This past Thanksgiving I felt like the cool kid at the table because she noticed my blush palette AND the fact I was using a highlighter. She is gorgeous and I will forever learn from her and her awesome makeup hacks. The actual inspiration for this whole article is totally devoted to her. She sent me a text about a face mask that she wears all day and is so awesome and life changing; I couldn’t help but try it. Home made, of course.

Take out the yogurt and the honey, Honey. This face mask is not only tightening, but tingly as well. I have had it on for an hour now and I must say, i’m impressed. Ready for the recipe?

  • 1cup Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 2tbs organic honey
  • 2-3tsp matcha powder
  • 3tbs aloe vera extract
  • 3pumps of lavander essential oil for scent
  • 5pumps tea tree oil for skin benefits


  1. In a little bowl with a kabuki style brush, mix all contents together to activate and infuse all the healing properties. Let stand for five minutes in the fridge and then paint gently on your face. The cooling effects alone will give you some comfort. The satisfying sips of your Chardonnay will give you some ease.
  2. I have had this mask on for one hour now and i must say how awesome it feels. My pores are tighter, my skin looks brighter and my husband is happy that I didn’t spend alot on Amazon. Lucky for him it’s shut down in France for a while.

Thank you Cay for the inspiration to my DIY facemask hack. I do miss Amazon, however, this fun at home face mask feels awesome. No cooking, no cleaning and a whole lot of wine sipping! To tighter pores and fresh skin galore!

Love thyself, self love, love the wine you sip.

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